Waqar Ul Shams

Kazan, Russia
About Waqar

Waqar is a skilled professional with expertise in public policy, legislation, and technology to drive strategic initiatives, develop inclusive digital platforms, and foster informed policymaking in public institutions.

Policy Analysis, Strategic Planning & Technological Implementation

He serve as the CEO of Future Leaders Alliance, an innovative and dynamic platform dedicated to the cultivation of tomorrow’s world changers. His career spans across multiple public institutions in Pakistan, and he have the privilege of providing technical support to the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, SDGs Secretariat, and National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Climate Change as well as to Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan. He also lead a Young Parliamentary Fellowship Program, where they have supported over 200 parliamentarians in parliamentary business.

His passion for technology is evident in his work, developing digital platforms for public institutions, enhancing inclusivity and accessibility.

Beyond his technical and policy pursuits, Mr. Waqar is a passionate advocate for societal change. His diverse experience of working with international organizations like UN Women, UNDP, British Council, Malala Fund and Global Affairs Canada underpinning his drive for global betterment.

His academic credentials include a Master’s degree in Development Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Geo-Informatics Engineering from the National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad, where he was honored with the Rector’s Gold Medal and the 2nd Industrial Award.

What He Does

Waqar operates at the intersection of the development sector, civil society, government, and parliament, leveraging his expertise to drive policy and legislative improvements, foster technological advancements, and facilitate constructive dialogue and collaboration among these spheres.


Strategic Policy Analysis and Implementation

Fostering informed and robust policymaking in public institutions, focusing on areas such as SDGs and also strengthening inter-provincial coordination and addressing grassroots-level issues

Technological Advancements and Digital Inclusion

Created interactive web platforms for various parliamentary components and digital knowledge hubs for evidence-based legislation

Digital Marketing Innovations

Leading Anthro Reach, a leading Public Relations and Digital Marketing firm that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to establish a strong digital presence.

Gender Equality

Supporting the National and Provincial Women's Parliamentary Caucuses, fostering a more inclusive environment and implementing technology-friendly strategies to enhance their functionality and impact.

Climate Change Advocacy and Policy

Supporting the Standing Committee on Climate Change of the National Assembly to address environmental challenges

Young Parliamentary Fellowship Program

Lead the Young Parliamentary Fellowship (YPF) Program for fresh graduates, providing technical support to over 200 parliamentarians in parliamentary business


Polices and Advocacy
Policy Analysis and Development
Program Management
Strategic Planning
Cross-Sector Collaboration
Digital Innovations
Digital Marketing Innovations
Technology Integration
Digital Platform Development

What He Loves

As a passionate traveler, exploring diverse cultures and landscapes forms the most cherished part of his personal and professional journey.

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